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Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Tour

All trips will be One on One private tours. You pick the dates that are most convenient for you. Generally horses are easiest to find during the summer months. The terrain to get to the horses is rough and requires a 4x4 vehicle. We will be at elevations exceeding 8,000 ft. The rate is $450 per day with a limit of two participants. I would recommend flying into Billings, MT. I do have a Special Recreation Permit (SRP) through the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to lead trips on the Pryor Mountain Horse Range.
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The Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range was established in September of 1968 by Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall. Such an action was groundbreaking; the PMWHR was the first public wild horse range established in the United States.

These mustangs are unique and rarely seen on other horse ranges. The Colonial Spanish Horse has a distinct conformation, and this is the type of conformation typical of the Pryor Mountain Wild Horses. These horses tend to be 14 hands on average, though some can be a little larger or smaller. A very distinctive feature of them is their face. They tend to have wide foreheads that taper to a small muzzle, giving them a V-shaped face. They tend to have large, expressive eyes and small ears that slightly point inward. The profile is their heads are flat to slightly convex. The horses have narrow but deep chests, with the front legs often being slightly closer together than the back legs. They have short, strong backs and distinct withers. The croup is sloping, and they have a low-set tail. There can be variation in this conformation due to variation within the Colonial Spanish Horse and likely due certain adaptive features.

Contact Michael for more information. 406/245-4365 or email.

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Tour

Dates: Open
Location: Lovell, Wyoming
Cost: /day