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Tour & Workshop Schedule

Michael leads a number of photo tours & workshops throughout the year. He also attempts each year to put together a photo trip to a locale where he has a photographic interest. These yearly trips are usually to an exotic overseas destination. Mike invites you to share with him on these adventures. Space is usually limited to a handful of photographers so first come first served. Attending tours and workshops is a great way to learn photo tips, bond with fellow photographers, and learn from a pro. Michael's goal is to be in the best place at the right time for the best photography opportunities. He looks forward to meeting you!

Are you new to photo tours? A few things to think about: Is your trip leader experienced? Michael has been leading trips for more than 10 years and has been selling images professionally for more than 35 years! If visiting federal lands (NPS, BLM, and USFS) does your leader have the necessary permits for group visits? It would be a shame to have your trip cut short by a law enforcement ranger asking for paperwork that does not exist!! Does the business have liability insurance? Does someone have recent first aid and CPR training? All of these things are the responsibility of the business you are traveling with; do not allow them to cut corners. This is your trip!

Another tip: do not wait too long to sign up for trips! Many trips are sold out a year in advance. Another reason to sign up early is that if a trip is not filling fast enough I may have to cancel it not realizing there are interested participants. Remember I have to put money down on advance reservations of lodging & transportation well before the actual trip. See you soon in the field! Mike.

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   Yellowstone Park Tours

Date: Open
Location: Yellowstone National Park, WY

I offer guided trips into Yellowstone Park for individuals or small (family) groups throughout the year. The rate is $450 per day plus expenses for up to 4 individuals. I recommend flights into Billings, MT or Bozeman, MT. In the past these tours have included wildlife, scenics, and thermal areas within the park. Depending on your interests the itinerary can be specialized ...

Yellowstone Park Tours >>>

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   Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Tour

Date: Open
Location: Lovell, Wyoming

All trips will be One on One private tours. You pick the dates that are most convenient for you. Generally horses are easiest to find during the summer months. The terrain to get to the horses is rough and requires a 4x4 vehicle. We will be at elevations exceeding 8,000 ft. The rate is ...

Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Tour >>>

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   2018 Yellowstone Winter Photo Tour

Date: January 9 - 19, 2018 - 7 spaces
Location: West Yellowstone, Montana

This is a favorite trip of mine which I have done for many years. Keep in mind that I have photographed in the park for more than 35 years and still find something new and fun each trip! This year we will start the trip in West Yellowstone spending time along the wildlife rich Madison River where I expect to see Trumpeter Swans, elk, bison, coyotes and bald eagles. Who knows we may get lucky and see bobcat, wolf, raccoon, or river otters!...

2018 Yellowstone Winter Photo Tour Details >>>

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   2017 Africa: Chobe / Maasai Mara / Etosha

Date: Aug. - Sept. 2017 - 1 Etosha Only Space
Location: Chobe / Masai Mara / Etosha, Africa

I'm happy to announce my next photo tour to Africa. This trip will take us first to Chobe NP in Botswana. Here the group will work from specially designed boats for photographers. Each photographer will work from a captain's chair that swivels 360 degree, a post with Wimberley head, and Nikon body with long lens (500mm-600mm) perfect for Nikon users or those folks wanting to travel light. Chobe National Park has...

2017 Africa: Chobe / Maasai Mara / Etosha Details