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Art Reference

FawnDear Artist,

For many years (20+) I have been selling my culled 35mm slides to wildlife/nature artists around the world as reference material for art projects. Each artist with which I have an “exclusive art reference licensing agreement” understands that the images are to be used as reference only (you may wish to use parts of the image ie. eyes, legs, antlers, a tree, cloud formation, etc. from the work but in the end I should not be able to recognize the scene as having come from one of my images). Please remember that the composition came from my brain as the composer of the copyrighted work!

The best way at present, until this website database is larger is to order a box of slides on approval. I do not plan at this time to offer my original images on this website as art reference. A box may contain around 3,000 images. At present most of these boxes contain mixed species, but office staff will try to make sure to include as many of your target species as possible. Artist pays for shipping both ways plus $25.00 per image held. The artist is allowed 30 days to examine the contents of the box before sending it back along with a check for purchased slides.

If you are an artist and interested in purchasing art reference materials you may contact me via email or at 406/245-4365.