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Kudos for Mike

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General Comments

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"Mike is a terrific guide, who strives to provide the best possible opportunities, as evidenced by his many repeat clients. He keeps his trips fun and interesting, with small groups and great wildlife photo ops. I've been on ten of his trips in the past few years and look forward to traveling with him in the future."

Patagonia Trip

"Terrific opportunities for scenics and wildlife in remote and beautiful locations. I came away with great images of condors, guanacos, stunning mountains framed by vibrant flowers, and even penguins and a puma!"

Texas Whitetail Trip

"Wonderful trip! Great accommodations and a chance to photograph numerous whitetail deer with impressive antlers. We observed the deer in action, feeding and jousting, plus numerous other animals: barn owls, butterflies, tortoises, a tarantula, a centipede, and more. My memory cards were overflowing!"

Texas Bird Trip

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"The chance to photograph from blinds was a new and eye-opening experience for me, providing nearly non-stop opportunities to photograph beautiful birds close up. I got hundreds of photos of dozens of different birds, plus various other creatures, exhibiting a variety of behaviors. It was great to be able to shoot at eye level, with the sun at our backs. Great trip!"

Katmai Bears Trip

"Fantastic trip! We had continuous opportunities to photograph brown bears fishing, splashing, and fighting. I loved the chance to get hundreds of action shots and observe the bears in their natural habitat. We also photographed birds, including bald eagles, plus jellyfish and scenics. So good that we are repeating the trip."

Africa Trip

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"The chances to photograph African wildlife up close are amazing on this trip. Traveling by boat lets you approach much closer to the animals, especially birds. Elephants, crocodiles, kingfishers, storks, and numerous other birds were abundant. Most of folks on this trip immediately signed up to go again!"

Yellowstone Trip

"This was my first trip with Mike and I liked it so much I did it again the next year. I was worried about being cold, but even with subzero temperatures, it was not a problem. Yellowstone in winter is magical and a private photo tour gives you a chance to stop for photo opportunities that most winter visitors miss. Our accommodations at Old Faithful and the Canyon yurt camp were outstanding. The cold weather provides unique opportunities to see frost-coated bison and animals such as bobcats and foxes with thick winter coats. The uncrowded geyser basins, frozen waterfalls, and snowy scenery make this a great trip - highly recommended."


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