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Custom "ONE on ONE" Photo Trips & Tutoring

Michael H. Francis After years of providing "one on one" unadvertised trips and photography instruction I have decided to use this web site to promote this option to fellow nature photographers. In the past I guided mostly for European photographers who wanted me to make all the arrangements for their specialized trip to the United States.

Photographer/authors have used this option to pick my brain on topics such as book publishing. How do you know if you are getting the best deal, is the contract fair and standard to the industry? Remember I have done 35+ books through the years. What does my standard contract look like?

The custom trips have been very successful this past year with a number of photographers taking advantage of this service. Just to give you an idea of what others have done: spring and fall trips into Yellowstone, several wild horse trips in Montana, Wyoming, & North Dakota, portfolio reviews, looked over book proposals, and taught macro photography.

Some folks just want to follow along and learn as they follow a pro in the field. This would be the time to learn digital techniques from a full time pro. Other services could include macro photography, marketing strategies, portfolio review, and digital workflow. I charge a standard day rate of $450 plus all expenses for this service. Call me at 406/245-4365 or email to set up a customized workshop or photo shoot to suit your needs.