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Mike's Trip Reports

Yellowstone Winter 2017

Learn more...What a tremendous trip we had this past January! This year we had lots of snow and cold!! That means frost everywhere, including the best ghost trees I have seen in years, and bison at -25F below with frosted faces. Wildlife was incredible, for three straight days we saw red fox,coyote and wolves...

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Yellowstone Winter 2016

Learn more...I was fortunate to lead two trips this winter to the interior of Yellowstone in January. The Madison River valley again produced with elk, bison, trumpeter swans, bald eagles and bobcats. Also had good sightings of raccoon in the Madison River. The cold days below zero were nice with frost on vegetation and bison. Fox were especially plentiful...

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2015 Africa

Learn more...Wow is all I can say about the 3 week trip I led to Africa in 2015. This time we spent time on the Chobe River in Botswana, Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, Etosha National Park in Namibia and Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa. How many species of wildlife did I photograph? At last count 117!! A number of which were new species for me.

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2015 South Dakota

Learn more...What a fun group I had in South Dakota during the Buffalo Roundup in Custer State Park during late September 2015. We were part of the festivities for this 50th year celebration which included photographing more than a 1000 bison...

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Yellowstone Winter 2014

Learn more...Another fun January trip into the interior of "Wonderland" during winter . As always the scenery was spectacular, especially on the mornings which were below zero. These are the days with frost on all the trees, vegetation and wildlife. We were very lucky in getting images of red fox, bobcat...

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Africa 2013

Learn more...What an incredible month long photo trip we had to Africa during August of 2013. On the pre-trip we visited Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. This was my first trip to Zimbabwe. We stayed in a tented camp that had us right in the middle of wildlife...

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Patagonia 2013

Learn more...From mid November to mid December our photo group had a great time exploring Easter Island (see separate report) and Patagonia during spring in this part of the world. This was my second trip to Chile and Argentina ...

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Private Trip: Glacier / Waterton National Parks 2013

Learn more...Thought I would share some images from a "private tour" in Glacier NP (USA) and Waterton NP (Canada). These wonderful mountain parks share an international border between Montana and Alberta. This trip was 4 nights. Even though it took place during July ...

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Easter Island Photo Tour 2013

Learn more...Easter Island is a Polynesian island in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, at the southeastern most point of the Polynesian Triangle. Easter Island is famous for its 887 extant monumental statues, called moai, created by the early Rapa Nui people...

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Private Trip: Yellowstone/Grand Tetons Spring 2013

Learn more...This was a Private tour during early June. We concentrated mostly on thermal features, but took half a day to visit Grand Teton National Park as well. Many photographers shy away from ...

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Yellowstone Winter 2013

Learn more...In January of 2013 I lead two trips via snowcoach into Yellowstone. Both trips were incredible as we had snow and cold which always makes scenics, thermals, wildlife and waterfalls look great. This year we did especially well with bobcats! In all my years...

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2013 Wild Horses of the Pryor Mountains

Learn more...Another fun trip into the rugged Pryor Mountains for wild horses in July. The roads were interesting to traverse this summer as flash floods left some roads in rough the point where they were about to collapse! Good thing for 4 wheel drive...

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2013 Winter Wildlife Models

Learn more...In February of 2013 I brought a small group to photograph trained animals including wolves, coyote, red fox, gray fox, mountain lion, lynx, bobcat, fisher & ermine in the winter setting...

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2012 Animal Babies Photo Shoot

Learn more...In early June I brought a group to Minnesota Wildlife Connection in Minnesota for a fun time with newborn and young animals. We photographed species such as black bear, Canada Goose, coyote, fisher, grey fox, woodchuck, lynx, mink, mountain lion, porcupine, raccoon, red fox, skunk, snapping turtle,...

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2012 Katmai Bears - Alaska Trip Report

Learn more...This is a trip I have done many times...more than 15 as a matter of fact. This year we traveled in August to Katmai National Park and Preserve to photograph brown bears feeding on salmon at spawning streams. Not only did we have amazing photo ops with the bears but we also saw and photographed bald eagles (the young were fledging), harbor seal, gulls,...

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ICF Whitetail Deer Ranch 2012 at Santa Margarita Ranch in Texas

Learn more...I was lucky enough to bring the first photo tour group to the Santa Margarita Ranch in Texas this past October in conjunction with the ICF (Image for Conservation Fund) Photo Contest. This deer ranch had the largest bucks I've ever photographed! I was so impressed with the quality of the animals, the lodging accommodations, the food, and the owners/staff that I knew...

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Polar Bear, Caribou & Northern Lights - 2012

Learn more...In September 2012 I did a scouting trip to the country north of Churchill, Manitoba to see if it was worth bringing a group of photographers to this remote lodge for polar bears and other wildlife and scenics. I came away very impressed. The lodge I visited was comfortable, with knowledgeable guides, and excellent staff in the kitchen. There were bears...

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2012 Wild Horses of the Pryor Mountains

Learn more...As in past years the wild horses of the Pryor Mountains of Montana performed well for our cameras. This year there was little snow up high and flowers were at full bloom by the end of June and early July. There were a number of cute newborn foals with the family groups. One morning a winter snow storm left the blooming flowers covered with fresh snow...

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ICF PRO-AM Photo Tournament at the Santa Clara Ranch 2012

Learn more...Six photographers & myself were involved this October with the ICF Photo Contest in South Texas. We were based at the Santa Clara Ranch, a photo friendly ranch with on-site lodging and a cook! Most of the photo blinds are located at waterholes and are strategically placed for either morning or afternoon light. The wildlife species caught on film were numerous...

Read the 2012 Photo Tournament at the Santa Clara Ranch

Tanzania / Rwanda 2012

Learn more...From March 31st to April 15, 2012 we traveled to Rwanda to trek with the endangered mountain gorillas of Volcanoes National Park in the Virunga Mountains and then flew to Tanzania where we spent time photographing in the wildlife rich Serengeti National Park...

Read the 2012 Africa Trip Report

Yellowstone Winter 2012

Learn more...What a fun trip we had this winter in the worlds first national park. Snow depths were lacking this year but we did have cold temperatures when we needed then for ghost trees and frost covered bison. The trumpeter swans were plentiful along the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers...

Read the 2012 Yellowstone Winter Trip Report

2011 Madagascar

Learn more...Wow is all I can say about this three week trip to the island nation of Madagascar with my group of 8 photographers. It had been ten years since my last visit and the changes were noticeable. There were more National Parks, and much better lodging and food. The airplanes were modern!...

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2011 Katmai Bears

Learn more...Another very fun trip with Chuck Keim on the Coastal Explorer. It is so nice to know you have a boat with beds and food waiting for you after each photo shoot. This time everyone was happy they heeded my warnings and bought along rain gear as we did have some rain everyday. Not to worry though because the bears look great in overcast and wet conditions...

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Wild Horses 2011

Learn more...What a fun July for wild horses. After a very cold winter with lots of snow the blooming flowers were at least a week behind normal. It was tough going this year to get to the horses as the road I normally like to take was closed most of the summer for construction. So it was interesting to say the least traveling on poor 4x4 jeep trails.

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Santa Clara, Texas 2011

Learn more...The first ICF Pro-Am Tournament was a blast for myself and the photographer participants. We were on a new ranch for me (Santa Clara) and the blinds and set-up were excellent as was also the new lodging built for the photographers. Blinds are sunken and situated for best morning light and best late afternoon lighting.

Read the Santa Clara, Texas 2011 Trip Report

Winter Wildlife 2011

Learn more...If you have ever wondered where the "cool" mountain lion, lynx, & wolves images are taken then look no further. We spent three days in Minnesota at a facility where these trained wildlife models perform for your cameras. I have been here a number of times before and the photography is always fantastic.

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Patagonia 2011

Learn more...Patagonia is a vast and vaguely defined geographic region encompassing the southern tip of South America, including both Chile and Argentina. It is highlighted by some of most spectacular mountain scenery on the planet, exotic wildlife and is a place where the "Old West" is still very much alive.

Read the Patagonia 2011 Trip Report

Yellowstone Winter 2011

Learn more...What a winter wonderland Yellowstone National Park was in January of 2011. I spent 4 weeks with four different photo groups this winter. We had cold and lots of snow…the perfect combination for good images. For the first time I got ermine images in winter snow…

Read the 2011 Yellowstone Winter Trip Report

2010 September Bears of Katmai Alaska

Learn more...Another in a long line of fun photo shoots with the Brown Bears of Katmai NP in Alaska. This photo shoot took place from August 12-22, 2010 with Chuck Keim of Coastal Outfitters. Chuck reminded me on this trip that I have been bringing groups to him now for 14 years. No wonder ...

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2010 June Bald Eagles & Bears of Katmai Alaska Trip Report

Learn more...This trip is always a favorite with photographers. How can you go wrong with bald eagles and bears on the same trip! We always start out with a day on Kodiak Island and then float plane out to our comfortable 60ft boat along the Katmai coast. The dates this year were June 10-20. Kodiak offered us ...

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2010 Yellowstone "Custom" Winter

Learn more...What a great way to spend the winter! During January - March 2010 I spent five weeks leading photo tours in "Wonderland". This year the temperatures were mild and snow depth was minimal. Perfect for photography! Each group I led was...

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2009 Fall Bears of Katmai Alaska

Learn more...Another in a long line of fun photo shoots with the Brown Bears of Katmai NP in Alaska. This photo shoot took place from September 10-16, 2009 with Chuck Keim of Coastal Outfitters. Our group of 8 photographers met on Kodiak Island and float planed out to the boat ...

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2009 Wild Horses of the Pryor Mountains

Learn more...During the first two weeks of July 2009 I led several private tours into the Pryor Mountains of Montana/Wyoming after wild horses in wild flowers. This summer the wild flowers were spectacular as were the mustangs ...

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2009 Ultimate Yellowstone!

Learn more...As many of you know this is a trip I have done many times. This year we were there January 24-31st. It still remains one of my favorites trips as I can never get enough of Yellowstone National Park. This trip broke the temperature record for me as one morning when we went ...

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2009 North Dakota Wildlife

Learn more...For the third time in three years I once again led the photo shoot for Minnesota Wildlife Connection to the badlands of North Dakota. As always we were there the last weekend of April. This year the weather was a mixed bag with wind, cold, snow, and rain with a few sun breaks ...

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2008 African Safari

Learn more...From July 26 - August 21st of 2008 a small group of (8) photographers experienced the trip of a life time traveling to four different countries in Africa. On this trip I personally photographed over 80 wildlife species, this included several endangered species including wild dog, mountain gorilla and golden monkey! On many days ...

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2008 North Dakota Wildlife Model Shoot

Learn more...Wow is all I can say about the photo shoot in North Dakota this year. On April 26, 27, and 28th, 2008 I once again led a trip for Minnesota Wildlife Connection to the badlands of Medora, North Dakota. In three and a half days I shot more than 10,000 images of bobcat, badger, coyote, wolves, mountain lion, wild horses, and sharp-tailed grouse performing ...

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2008 Ultimate Yellowstone

Learn more...This is a trip I have done numerous times. This winter there was more snow than we have had in many winters! In fact the day we went to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone we were going through snow drifts so high...

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2007 Private Ranches of the Rio Grande Valley

Learn more...What a nice break from the cold weather up north, it was 9 degrees when I left Billings, MT and 88 degrees when I arrived in McAllen, Texas. From Dec 1-7, 2007 my small group and I photographed on four private ranches utilizing specially designed photo blinds at...

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2007 Yellowstone & Grand Tetons in Autumn

Learn more...We hit fall color at its peak in the Tetons and this time around we had weather conditions that gave us a little of everything, from brilliant blue skies, to dark clouds and rain, to snow in Yellowstone!

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2007 Bald Eagles & Bears of Katmai Alaska

Learn more...Another fantastic photo shoot! My 8th trip with Chuck Keim of Coastal Outfitters took place from June 10-20, 2007. Our group of seven photographers met June 8th on Kodiak Island and the next day explored the island by vehicle. The following morning we flew by floatplane to the 60 foot boat which was to be our home for the next 10 days...

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2007 North Dakota Wildlife Model Shoot

Learn more...On April 27-29, 2007 I led a photo trip for The Minnesota Wildlife Connection to the rugged badlands of Medora, North Dakota. We were able to photograph the "trained" animals free roaming in this spectacular scenery. Animal models included coyote, wolves (including month old pups), mountain lions, bobcat, porcupine, and badger.

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