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Patagonia 2013

From mid November to mid December our photo group had a great time exploring Easter Island (see separate report) and Patagonia during spring in this part of the world. This was my second trip to Chile and Argentina and it sure didnít disappoint. As always the scenery in the Andes was spectacular! Some of my most memorable moments took place on local ranches where we were able to photograph gauchos at work with cattle and sheep.

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Also an early morning on a cliff watching Andean Condors at eyelevel was awesome. Some of the group lucked out one morning and photographed a wild puma. Wildflowers at some locations were in full bloom. The wildlife was better than expected with more than 30 species photographed including penguins, geese, flamingos, fox, guanaco (including newborn sightings), armadillo, rhea & Caracara. Watch for future trips.

If you are interested in joining me for a Patagonia Photo Tour please email me about future trips or check my Workshop Page or call me at 406/245-4365.