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Patagonia 2011

Patagonia is a vast and vaguely defined geographic region encompassing the southern tip of South America, including both Chile and Argentina. It is highlighted by some of most spectacular mountain scenery on the planet, exotic wildlife and is a place where the "Old West" is still very much alive. Patagonia is very sparsely inhabited and is among the safest places in the World to travel.

This is where our group traveled to this past April for 16 days, a place I had dreamed about visiting for many, many years. Although wildlife is not as numerous as in North America most photographers on the trip were surprised at the number of wildlife species we encountered and photographed. My favorite had to be the guanaco! The numbers of flamingos were a pleasant surprise! We were most fortunate to travel with a guide who knows this area intimately.

This is a favorite trip for photographers worldwide. Within a week of posting on my website the trip was full and waitlisted. I do plan on going back again in 2013. So brush up on your Spanish and sign up early!

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