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2012 Polar Bear, Caribou & Northern Lights Trip Report

In September 2012 I did a scouting trip to the country north of Churchill, Manitoba to see if it was worth bringing a group of photographers to this remote lodge for polar bears and other wildlife and scenics. I came away very impressed. The lodge I visited was comfortable, with knowledgeable guides, and excellent staff in the kitchen. In fact the food was remarkable. There were bears near the lodge every day which we could photograph from the safety of a fenced area around the lodge building, we also hiked on the tundra a couple of times each day in search of wildlife, including polar bears. At other times we took buggy tours to more remote areas as well as a float plane trip to a caribou hotspot. Evenings were busy with three nights of northern lights (aurora borealis).

If you want an exciting trip walking with polar bears in fall tundra colors this is the one! We also saw old teepee ring sites, arctic ground squirrels, arctic hare, a wolf, and tens of thousands of migrating snow and Canada geese. Join me in 2014 as I head to the Canada north country again! If you are interested in a Polar Bear, Caribou, and Northern Lights Trip please contact me about future trips or check my Workshop Page or call me at 406/245-4365.