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Yellowstone Winter 2011

What a winter wonderland Yellowstone National Park was in January of 2011. I spent 4 weeks with four different photo groups this winter. We had cold and lots of snow…the perfect combination for good images. For the first time I got ermine images in winter snow… I’ve seen them before but never got a group close enough for photos! It is hard to beat white on white photo images. The same goes for Trumpeter Swans which were in high numbers through January both on the Madison and Yellowstone rivers. We got lucky one day in Hayden Valley with two red fox, three river otter, and a coyote eating a swan cygnet. The bison images made in thermal steam this winter were awesome.

Most groups viewed wolves, coyote, red fox, bison, elk, bald eagle, golden eye ducks & raven. We photographed frozen water falls such as Gibbon, Firehole, Upper & Lower Falls. Plus we walked in most geyser basins including Norris, Fountain, Midway, Black Sand, Biscuit and Upper Geyser Basin.

This is one of my favorite trips to lead. I have been photographing in Yellowstone for more than 35 years and it never gets old. Hope to see you in Yellowstone soon!

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