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Yellowstone Winter 2012

What a fun trip we had this winter in the worlds first national park. Snow depths were lacking this year but we did have cold temperatures when we needed then for ghost trees and frost covered bison. The trumpeter swans were plentiful along the Madison and Yellowstone Rivers.

Something new I tried this year was bringing my group to the Canyon Yurt Camp for a couple of nights. Here we stayed in heated wooden floored tents and ate in the comfort of a yurt. This camp got glowing reports from all the photographers!! This allowed us incredible scenes of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone as well as Hayden Valley, including amazing sunrise and sunset images. We were also able to visit Lake Butte Overlook on Yellowstone Lake, a first for me in the winter!

We were lucky enough to photograph four river otters in one day, three on the Yellowstone River and one at West Thumb Geyser Basin. Wolf numbers are down in the park this winter, less than one hundred, and the closest we got to seeing one was fresh tracks at Norris Geyser Basin.

We also spent a couple of nights at Old Faithful Snow Lodge. This proved to be a great base of operation to spend time exploring and photographing thermal features. Some of the photographers actually photographed Old Faithful erupting at night.

I have been photographing winter in Yellowstone now for more than 35 years. I offer one or more trips each year to visit the interior of the park during this magical time. If you are interested in Yellowstone in the winter please contact me about future trips or check my Workshop Page or call me at 406/245-4365.

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