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Yellowstone Winter 2013

In January of 2013 I lead two trips via snowcoach into Yellowstone. Both trips were incredible as we had snow and cold which always makes scenics, thermals, wildlife and waterfalls look great. This year we did especially well with bobcats! In all my years in the park I have seen few bobcats and had photo opportunities only a small handful of times. This year there were a couple of bobcats who regularly posed for us during late afternoons along the Madison River. What a treat for everyone!!

On top of that one group spotted a raccoon at Alum Creek in Hayden where did it come from. What a tough place to make a living during the winter. Then my next group saw two more raccoon along the Madison River late one afternoon. Very uncommon sighting for sure. We were also fortunate to photograph a river otter near West Thumb and three red fox one morning in Hayden Valley. Other unusual sightings were a snowshoe hare and pine martin. If you are interested in traveling with me to Yellowstone I recommend you sign up early! See you in "Wonderland"

I have been photographing winter in Yellowstone now for more than 35 years. I offer one or more trips each year to visit the interior of the park during this magical time. If you are interested in Yellowstone in the winter please contact me about future trips or check my Workshop Page or call me at 406/245-4365.

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